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  1. I appreciate all the answers, everyone! I will be referring back to this thread frequently as I download samples for my daughter to try. The quiz HomeAgain mentioned indicates that I would do best with either Singapore or Beast Academy. Math Mammoth was just a little lower, but it looks like it is worth downloading samples to try. I'm already trying to sell Right Start C, but if no one will buy it, we will see what we can get out of it. My heart just isn't in RS anymore, and my daughter is happy with anything as long as I make it short. She enjoyed doing the Beast Academy sample today.
  2. We found Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Pippi Longstocking, Mary Poppins, and The Borrowers (if you don't concern yourself too much with what happened to poor Eggletina) to be very well written and funny.
  3. We just received Right Start C, and surprisingly, after two pretty good years, we are hating it. I would never have said that Right Start was my dream program (I often didn't think we needed to play a card game after a lengthy lesson), but it seemed thorough and thoughtfully made. I liked that it lacked the cutesy, "busy" work that I thought I was seeing in some of the more workbook-based curricula I browsed before settling on Right Start A (and then B). Though a spiral approach was also present in B, it is only with C that I am seeing how very deeply "spiral-y" Right Start is. We were r
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