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  1. She's probably average when she's just writing, but actual spelling tests are torture. I've nearly convinced myself to skip formal spelling this year and just use dictation in other subjects as opportunities for spelling instruction.
  2. My six-year-old daughter is reading on what I'm estimating to be a 6th grade level. She enjoys all kinds of books and reads voraciously and easily. We quit doing any kind of phonics instruction over a year ago. However, she struggles with Spelling. We used Abeka 1 last year because we had it on hand, but she really hated it and struggled to regurgitate proper spelling even though she can read significantly harder words. My questions are: 1. Is there a spelling program I should consider for her? Could I continue with Abeka 2 for continuity and just skip the testing? 2. Should I consider not doing formal spelling instruction right now because she will eventually spell well when writing ability catches up to her reading ability? 3. Should we just do informal word studies/sorts?
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