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  1. Hi I was on Google looking at articles on women who paper thin uterus and came across this page and saw you commented that you were told this and were expecting a baby ( I know the post is old from 2012 lol) but I am curious as to how your birth and all went ? I had my youngest 3yrs ago and while on the table cut open my doctor pulled my bf to her and showed him my insides! lol told us while showing him you see this her uterus is paper thin I would strongly advice y'all not to have any more babies. If I did it would come down to a life and death situation choosing between me or baby ... My bf would LOVE to have 1 more since together we only 1 child but i have 3 from a previous ( 6yr old boy & 5yr old twin girl's) I am good with my 4 but i would like to give him 1 more baby. .. (Sorry for all the extra unnecessary info)

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    2. BRITT22


      Thank you Medicmom2.0 .. I would be terrifed for something like that to happen and really glad to hear you & baby are good . . I honestly don't really want anymore but my SO really wants ONE more baby I tell him EVERY time he tells me that I don't want to be put in this serious type of situation. I have 4 kids already and couldn't imagine leaving them behind because I wanted to try for one more baby feels selfish to Do . He thinks after a few year's I should be good but that's not how it works some men just don't understand! I was doing some reading & research that there is ways to thicken your uterus but still makes me nervous if we were to try it get pregnant and then it be high risk. I've been in that situation with my 1st having to have emergency c section it was scary even thou i was so calm (odd iknow) thru it all everyone around me rushing me to operating table then being on table and feeling doctor cut me open I freaked out. They then gave me something thru I've and later woke up and had already my baby and with my twins I was high risk since I was carrying momo twins and I'm very small petite person . . I just can't do it but I also would like to give him ONE more because he does just have one child that's his . I've been so lost | confused as to what I just turned 28 on the 27th and if I do have one more i would like to have it before I'm 30 year's old so it only gives me 2 yes really just 1 year n few months because I would like to have him/her before I am actually 30. Ughhh I don't know what to do!? 😪😭 I would just feel like a shitty and selfish mom if i do decide to try for one more and succeed then it turns into my worse NIGHTMARE! and I would HATE to have to choose between me or baby as much it would hurt and break my heart i would have to choose me and then all that would of been for NOTHING! 

       .. ( sorry for the LONG reply lol its just been on my mind a lot and he literlly just brought up the top again last night. He tells me he wants another baby at least idk 2-3 a week! ) 

    3. Renai


      That is one of the most selfish things I've heard. He would put your life at risk so "he" can have a baby. Really? How about a surrogate? There are other ways of having babies other than putting your life at risk.

    4. Medicmom2.0


      If he wants another baby so bad and doesn’t care that it’s lifethreatning to you and the baby, I would tell him to have his own baby or find someone else to have a baby with.

      I have no patience with that kind of selfishness.

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