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  1. Hi im looking to see if theres any canadian homeschoolers on here? I dont have facebook so i cant find groups on there. Just looking for advice and just see what other people do in canada with home schooling
  2. When does your summer start? Do you still school and not stop just move on to next curriculum? This will be my first summer so not sure how to go about it . I dont want him to forget what hes learned . What dou you all do ? Thanks!
  3. So this year prek we have been completing. saxon math k Teach your child to read 100 easy lesson handwriting without tears pre k so far for next year i know we are doing saxon math 1 handwriting without tears k and 1 not sure about reading Yet
  4. Thank you for responding and your insight ! Yes i agree i am going to include the penny just explain we no longer use them here in canada.
  5. Thanks so much for your reply
  6. Hi this is my first post but im at a loss here. So i have been doing saxon math k with my child and it wants me to start teaching pennies. Here in canada we havnt used pennies for quiet some time. Is there anyone else who has ran into this if so what did you do? Do i teach the pennies anyway?
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