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  1. I also wanted to add that my daughter is taking Latin 1 through Veritas Press Academy this year and she has a 100%. So I think her ability to learn grammar is good. I'm now leaning towards just starting grammar and writing together next year with Fix it! and IEW. Thoughts would be much appreciated.
  2. Hi there, I'm looking for some help. My 4th grade daughter's English Grammar has been spotty. We have done all the Classical Conversations English memory work and WTM First Language Lessons here and there. We need to get serious about her writing in the next year or so and she definitely needs grammar instruction, If we are using IEW next year, is Fix It! along with it good enough? Should we do MP English Grammar Recitation this year to prepare her for it? Can/should you do both? I'd like some thoughts from you ladies who have used them...
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