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  1. I didn't see one of these for 5th grade yet! What is everyone planning?


    My oldest will be in 5th grade this upcoming school year and we've reached a lovely point where we actually talk about what works and doesn't work about what we're using/how we're using it. Honestly, it has made planning so much easier. 

    Math:  Teaching Textbooks 6 with MM as a supplement.

    After 3.5 blissful years of Math Mammoth, DS just burnt out on it. He still really likes the way it's written/explains things but the layout was getting overwhelming for him, even with a significant number of problems crossed out. He also really wanted something computer based but that had review built in "like his grammar" (Saxon). We've been doing TT5 with reinforcement pulled from MM4 for the past couple months and that has seemed to work out really well for him. I figure we'll continue it for the next year and I'll keep a close eye on things.

    Grammar/Writing: finish up the last quarter of Saxon Grammar and Writing 4 and then start 5. He'll also be doing some writing in other subjects (reading/lit, history, science).

    Spelling: I've got Spelling Workout E sitting on my shelves but we're debating between that and Megawords 1.

    Reading/Lit: List of books (that I'm still putting together). We'll discuss them and I'll require some narration/summary work from him as well. 

    History/Geography: We're doing a year of US History/Geography as a family. I haven't found anything I love so I'm kind of putting together my own thing. Crossing my fingers that it goes well.

    Science:  Either Oak Meadow Science 5 or Mr. Q Advanced Earth Science. 

    I keep going back and forth because we've taken a pretty relaxed approach to science for the last 4 years, which has been great but has also resulted in a science education heavily weighted towards Biology/Earth Science. So on one hand I like the idea of Oak Meadow which seems to be a general science overview but DS has really loved Mr. Q and I wonder/worry about trying to fix something that isn't broken. Plus, then he'd be doing the same science as his younger brothers and it'd be easier to do experiments and activities together. I really should just need to practice what I brag about and show him examples of both and let him decide. 

    Other: field trips and art classes with our homeschool group, typing, coding projects with (or directed by) dad, plus read alouds and a general art/music overview/ appreciation with everyone. 

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  2. Son #2 will be in 3rd grade next year. So far my plan is:

    Math: Math Mammoth 3. It's still working for him so I'm going by the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mindset. 

    Grammar: FLL 2

    Writing: CAP: Fable plus bits of narration/diction/copy work in other areas

    Handwriting: Pen Time 

    Spelling: ??? No. Clue. I haven't done any formal spelling with him yet. He needs a different approach than his older brother (who loves workbooks) and I've got AAS1 sitting on my shelves so maybe I'll just use that?

    Reading: his reading has grown by leaps and bounds this past year and I'm so proud of him. He has the fluency and now he just needs the confidence to go with it. I think I'm going to put together a couple lists of books - some more "on level/challenging" ones for us to read together and some easier, fun ones for him to read by himself. 

    History/Geography: We're doing a year of US History and Geography as a family.

    Science: Mr Q Earth Science


    Other: Field trips and art classes with our homeschool group, typing, plus read alouds and a general art/music study as a family.


    We've got a lot of stuff happening in the next 3-6 months (new baby, moving etc) so my mantra for the rest of this year and all of next is "Keep it simple. Cut out the busywork. Don't overthink it."





  3. Son #3 will be in first grade next year and he has such a different learning style compared to his older brothers. The first half of his K year was spent trying to figure out how in the world to connect with/teach him. He's very high energy and needs short, focused lessons that are interactive and (despite his general love for writing and drawing on his own) don't require a lot of workbooks/writing on his part. He's very smart but super stubborn and can get overwhelmed easily. School goes much smoother if I can just fit it in to regular discussion/play or frame it as games or activities within things that he likes/hold his interest. Right now we're just playing out the rest of K by working through 100 EZ lessons for reading and Life of Fred: Apples. 

    My current plan for 1st looks something like:

    Math: Math U See: Alpha (and maybe/probably Beta because I suspect that - as long as I can get him to focus - we'll go through Alpha fast)

    Reading: Continue on with 100EZ lessons and utilize all the various phonics readers that are lying around. My main goal for first grade is to get him reading fluently. 

    Handwriting: I'll probably just pick up something like The Complete Book of Handwriting or do my own thing. Stuff that's very low stress and that he can do as something "fun" and doesn't necessarily register in his mind as "school". 

    Writing: Work on basic narration skills. Nothing formal.

    Grammar: I might start FLL1 during the second half of the year but I'll probably put off formal grammar until 2nd grade. That approach has worked well for his older brothers.

    Science: Mr. Q Earth Science 

    History/Geography: We'll be doing a one year study of US History and Geography as a family.


    Other: field trips and art lessons with our homeschool group, plus read alouds and a basic study of art and music as a family.  

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