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  1. I didn't see one of these for 5th grade yet! What is everyone planning? My oldest will be in 5th grade this upcoming school year and we've reached a lovely point where we actually talk about what works and doesn't work about what we're using/how we're using it. Honestly, it has made planning so much easier. Math: Teaching Textbooks 6 with MM as a supplement. After 3.5 blissful years of Math Mammoth, DS just burnt out on it. He still really likes the way it's written/explains things but the layout was getting overwhelming for him, even with a significant number of proble
  2. Son #2 will be in 3rd grade next year. So far my plan is: Math: Math Mammoth 3. It's still working for him so I'm going by the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mindset. Grammar: FLL 2 Writing: CAP: Fable plus bits of narration/diction/copy work in other areas Handwriting: Pen Time Spelling: ??? No. Clue. I haven't done any formal spelling with him yet. He needs a different approach than his older brother (who loves workbooks) and I've got AAS1 sitting on my shelves so maybe I'll just use that? Reading: his reading has grown by leaps and bounds this past year an
  3. Son #3 will be in first grade next year and he has such a different learning style compared to his older brothers. The first half of his K year was spent trying to figure out how in the world to connect with/teach him. He's very high energy and needs short, focused lessons that are interactive and (despite his general love for writing and drawing on his own) don't require a lot of workbooks/writing on his part. He's very smart but super stubborn and can get overwhelmed easily. School goes much smoother if I can just fit it in to regular discussion/play or frame it as games or activities within
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