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  1. Thanks, ooops sorry I forgot that. My oldest is 7th (he's the one that is below readiness) and my youngest is 4th.
  2. Thanks everyone for your resposnes - anyone else please share :)
  3. Thanks for the response! I votes if she wants to do homeschooling then year, then definitely do it. Truthfully maybe in January Also about not really "connecting" with anyone there..... I'm not sure her age, but to be honest,in my situation, it took us planning playdates, etc. You might have her her pick a couple of friends and meet at a paitn your own pottery place (if you can afford it) or go to a trampoline park, or better yet, invite them over for manicures, play board games whatever. However, I have boys - and I know that the drama is worse with the girls than the boys of course.......... Two things I didn't like about private school; 1) Fundraising, fundraising, and just when you think you're done, there's another fundraiser on the way. Remember you can always so no to fundraising, which we didn't plenty of times. 2) They will ask parents to volunteer for things like lunch/playground duty - feel free to say no, however, that does help you meet the other kids.
  4. Thank-you in advance for any suggestions - This is our first year homeschooling. We just got the results of last year's standarized test- the ACT Aspire. (YES - they were just mailed to us last week... even though the test was taken last April.) One of my children scored in the 99% and 98% percentile (even though he only got 60% right on the majority of the test (?!?!?!?!)....... and my other scored in the 53rd, 58th, 68th, and 74th percentiles (but only got about 33% -75% correct on most of it).... And it says that my son is "BELOW READINESS" in ELA (English Language Arts). Okay, so now that I know he is below readiness - I have a problem........ what areas does he need improvement to get him up to the correct grade level? It doesn't tell me on test results.... SO..... I was wondering if someone could recommend - 1. A test to administer to my kids to see if they are where they need to be 2. The results will tell me exactly what they need help on - bonus points if it even recommends which curriculum to use or exactly what to do!!! THANKS for any advice!!!!!!
  5. HI ~ I'm new to the boards and just seeing this - how is she liking the school? How are you doing? We have the opposite situation - my kids were at a private school for 7 years! We are now homeschooling and it is the best for us. However, I think there are many excellent private schools. Elementary was great but at middle school the drama, drama, drama just got too much for us.
  6. Thanks for your response!! I have never heard of either of those, which is surprising because I've spent about 6 months researching live online classes - THANKS for suggesting both of these. Just curious - I noticed the biology class at Wilson Hill says they" Evolutionary theory will be discussed with care and consideration given to diverse opinions. " So I guess this is not creation-based?
  7. I'm following the post.. but can I just say, I don't think this is pre-pre-algebra is it? Wouldn't it be pre-algebra or even simple algebra?
  8. We are fairly new to homeschooling - this is our first year - our kids were in private school before. Homeschooling is so much better though, and its great to be away from all of the drama!!! Anyway, what has been your experience in live online classes? Esp. for math, science and writing... but any subject really :) Has anyone used outschool?
  9. HI - I know this is an old post but I just did a search for "Mindplay" and it came up.... I was searching any other moms that might be using this to supplement their curriculum.... Anyway, we purchased Mindplay for both of our children, and we do think it is definitely worth the money and I am happy with it. We have only been using it about a month though,A and not everyday, but.... I am happy with it. Some of the sections involve a video of a teacher (well technically they are trained speech pathologists) do the exact same orton-gilligham methods that they use for Dyslexia Therapy that costs $50+/hr.... so in the grand scheme of things, they are getting something for $199 that, if done by a private dyslexia therapist would be thousands of dollars. That being said, however, I do feel that "real life" dyslexia therapy is preferred, if you can get it for free through a local scottish rite program or whatever. I will say I watched lots of marketing videos on youtube about Mindplay and... hearing some of the testimonials from school principals/teachers etc. really sold me ? Who knows they could have been fake and actors though HA. My oldest has dyslexia, my youngest does not (is actually very advanced) but I felt it that to be fair they both needed to do so they both are ? Anyway, that has been my experience but would love to hear from others - good or bad - thanks
  10. Thanks everyone for your advice and support! I decide to delete it since I've gotten enough responses, and wouldn't want this to reflect negatively on the program. Thanks and have a great weekend!!!
  11. Hi! I'm new ~ just started homeschooling this year ~ wish I could have started from the beginning!! Thanks for letting me join :)
  12. Hi! So glad I found this board! I'm new to homeschooling. I have been active in Facebook groups.... but I really wanted to find a forum outside of FB (Somedays I just need a break from social media!) and I'm glad I found this fourm!! Have a great day y'all!
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