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  1. I’ve heard of intermittent fasting. A lady’s husband at DHs office has been doing it and has had amazing results. I don’t know much about it, so I will have to read check out that book and learn more.
  2. I do these things, but I just don’t stick with it. It’s like I lose my motivation after about 3 weeks. I will change my coffee to black, or drink just 1 with creamer a day, I will track my food, I will add in lots of fruits and veggies...was recently juicing twice a day, I will track steps or excercise...but I’m bad about trying to do that everyday, which I think is where I get off track because I will miss a day and get frustrated with myself. But with all the other stuff, I do so well and then BAM, I get off track. I think my main issue is that I don’t feel like I’m seeing results fast enough and then give up. I only have about 20 to 30 pounds to lose and it just seems to come off so slow!
  3. I have 2 major weaknesses: coffee with too much creamer (I drink about 3 a day and the amount of creamer is around 120 calories per cup), and evening sweets. I eat pretty healthy the rest of the day. If I excercise I can still indulge in these things and lose weight because the rest of my diet is good, but I don’t excercise. I really struggle with it when I don’t have a set time each day, and I can’t seem to figure out a good time to put it into my routine. I can’t get up before the kids consistently because my youngest sleeps with us and is usually laying on me, which would result in him waking up. My days are pretty much the same during the morning hours, so I need to just find a slot within my routine to add excercise in and just make it happen...then stick to it...which again is one of my issues. Of course I need to also find an alternative to my coffee with creamer! I mean that is equal to 3 sodas a day!
  4. What are some ways that help you stay motivated? I will go full force for 2 to 3 weeks at a time, lose 3-6 pounds, then lose my motivation for a few weeks, gain a pound or 2 back, then get mad at myself and start the whole process over again. I just can’t seem to stay on track more than 3 weeks before I lose my motivation. Any tips?
  5. Oh sorry...totally missed the update that you decided to move into the basement! Great plan! The house we rented was 2300 sq ft. Our camper is roughly 400. So it’s totally doable for you to make the basement work! I hope everything works out smoothly and you’re able to make some major headway on your debt!!
  6. We have been on the road to getting debt free since 2016 using the Dave Ramsey program. We’ve made some radical decisions to make it happen, but it’s working for us. Our craziest decision thus far has been to live in a camper! We are a family of are 6 and under. It’s actually amazing how many people do this...mostly to travel with their husbands for work, but some to get debt free too. If you don’t love your house, and don’t plan to live there forever, and it’s draining your finances...I would say sell it, and get creative!
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