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  1. I just wanted to give an update. I am so glad posted this because what started off as a post that was truly just us worried about dragging our kids through another move in the future, and ruining their lives, turned into us realizing this house isn’t worth the sacrifices we are making to stay just to give us a place to call home. We bought the house because we had been renting in our temporary location for 5 years, and then during DHs job transition we moved into the camper for 1.5 years. We thought we NEEDED to buy a house for the kids to have a place to call home, and stability. We knew
  2. Yes, I will inherit her house, but it's not really what we want in a house. If we ever decided to stay and build next door, our plan was to use her house for one of the kids if they ever wanted it, or just to fix up and use as a guest house for them and their families. If we decided not to stay there and build, I will probably just keep it for the kids to have if they want it one day. What you described is EXACTLY where we are. It used to be rural, then neighborhoods started popping up. Ours was build in the 70s. Since then, more larger and expensive homes have come up all around u
  3. The land and building prices here will go up, but not by a ton. Renting it out is definitely an option, but not sure how my husband will feel about that. Something to discuss more for sure. I don't think so...we live in what's considered a less expensive suburb home now. It's highly sought after because it's one of the few neighborhoods on this side of town left that's affordable. My mom would LOVE for us to come back. She would love for us to build right beside her. I'm an only child, so we are very close, but VERY different. I don't really think I would be happy t
  4. They are excited about moving. We have talked it up to being an adventure if it’s something we decide to do, and they are on board. I think if we wait like we had initially planned, we won’t have that same excitement, but I just don’t want them to look back on their childhood and think...gosh, we moved all the time and I don’t feel like I belong anywhere....
  5. I think we have more or less been worried about moving so much having a negative impact than anything else. So I think initially wondering if a more country life like we wanted vs staying where we are was really a concern of, is moving soooo much going to create problems for the kids later down the road, or should we stay to create stability even though it’s not where DH and I want to be long term....
  6. Thank you for this:). You are so right. I think at this point we are both just feeling the burden of debt, and we just haven't wanted to make any sudden moves with worries that we are damaging our kids lives by having such instability in our "home base" since it's forever changing. In reality though, home is going to be the constant they do have in life...us being there, playing games, going for walks, hikes, bike rides, the home cooking we always do...those will be "home" no matter what future "home" or trips we take them on. So if we stay, we deal with the pressure of debt, the pressure
  7. I hear you on this! Contentment is something I have definitely struggled with...waiting until the NEXT move to get life settled, and waiting until the debt is paid before we live life. I didn't go into this before, but our debt is weighing us down tremendously. When we lived in the camper before, we had plans to get debt free before moving. We abandoned that plan after 18 months and thought being in more space would make the debt journey more bearable, even though it would tag on more time (we know all about Dave Ramsey and were in hot pursuit of his plan, but clearly derailed that plan).
  8. DH and I have been talking about all of your input non stop. You have really helped us a ton!! I think we both feel that although we love the location we are in, it isn't what we ultimately want. I don't think that image of being on some land will ever leave us, and I think we will both regret it if we don't do it. As much as we love the pool, the parks, and the ability to ride bikes so many places, it doesn't take the place of the dreams we have always had. Neither of us is too keen on the idea of moving far out, like where I grew up. I think that drive, and the fact that there
  9. She lives 40 minutes from my house. That is a great idea:)
  10. I truly appreciate your responses. We actually lived in the camper at my moms for 4 months when we first moved back here. So yes, we did get a glimpse into the country life with kids during that short time. However, we were not yet established in a church, our old friends had moved, we were just starting to figure out homeschooling here and creating those relationships, so it was a very lonely time. We knew it was a short term situation, so we didn't invest in trying to really create that life we were after since we knew we would just be moving soon anyway. Your responses have R
  11. I am really struggling with lots of emotions lately and need help sorting through things. I rarely post anything, but when I have you all have given me great advice and things to think on, so thank you! We moved to this house almost 2 years ago with a plan to stay 5 years then buy land and build a house on a few acres in the country. We are currently in the suburbs. I really LOVE the location. We can ride bikes to the park and hop on the major greenway system for miles. We have a neighborhood pool, and we are close to any restaurant, and store you could ever need. We can ride
  12. Thanks to all of you for all of these great tips! First off to clear the air, I have never used the word slob in front of DD, and actually have never referred to her as that until I posted this...I was frustrated, as we had just had another major battle over her room, and it was just how I was feeling in the moment...that I have a slob of a kid. I’m not perfect, but I certainly am very mindful of what I say to my kids and about them. Thank you though for pointing out that using negative words like that is never good for anyone involved. Rest assure though that I’m not over here calli
  13. Thank you for all of these tips! These are some wonderful suggestions!
  14. I need help, helping my daughter. She's 8, and she's a slob. I have tried all the things, but nothing sticks. For one thing, she has too much stuff, and we know this is the main issue. We have done a toy rotation in the past, and that helps, but it still isn't getting at the root of the issue of not cleaning up after herself. Simple things, like after you pull all of the doll clothes out and find that one outfit, put the rest back, or put your clothes in the laundry basket instead of throwing them in your floor...etc. I do plan to do a major purge...again...but I want to help her develop
  15. LVG

    Curtain Color?

    Thanks! Yes...lots of brown...we are planning to get new couches this fall in a lighter color. We are also getting a coffee table from my SIL that I’m painting, which will help lighten up that space too. I already have some mustard yellow accents, so that’s perfect! And the rug is a great idea too. I really sort of want to redo that table. I actually painted it like that from an ugly brown, but I wished I had chosen to do either white or another light color. Thanks for the tips!
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