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  1. Thanks to all of you for all of these great tips!  

    First off to clear the air, I have never used the word slob in front of DD, and actually have never referred to her as that until I posted this...I was frustrated, as we had just had another major battle over her room, and it was just how I was feeling in the moment...that I have a slob of a kid.  I’m not perfect, but I certainly am very mindful of what I say to my kids and about them.  Thank you though for pointing out that using negative words like that is never good for anyone involved.  Rest assure though that I’m not over here calling my kids names on the regular...just today😬

    Yes, ADHD may be a’s something I’ve been concerned about and plan to bring up at her next appointment.  She’s a very creative kid and likes to pull all of her toys out and create big scenes.  I’ve always been very mindful of the fact that it’s frustrating to her to have to clean up all this stuff after she just got it all set up for her scene, so I try to give her grace in that, but it gets to a level of ridiculous amounts of things being out.  She gets overwhelmed, I get overwhelmed, and it just creates a lot of frustration for both of us.  I agree that we need to lower the amount of toys she has access to.  We have done that in the past, and it really helped, but she would still complain and drag her feet about cleaning just those few toys.  We do use open top bins to keep cleaning as easy as possible.  I haven’t labeled them yet, but plan to do that this week.  We went out and bought more bins to sort stuff in so it’s easier to find...hoping that helps with not needing to pull so much out to find that one item.  We also plan to go back to having only one grouping of toys out at a time...barbies or babies, but not both.  

    Thanks for helping to remind me to be patient with her.  I try often to remind myself to do that, but I’m very organized and so are my other kids, so this is just one of those areas she and I struggle with.  Hopefully after implementing some of these strategies I will be on the road to helping her not feel like cleaning is such a horrible thing!


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  2. I need help, helping my daughter.  She's 8, and she's a slob.  I have tried all the things, but nothing sticks.  For one thing, she has too much stuff, and we know this is the main issue. We have done a toy rotation in the past, and that helps, but it still isn't getting at the root of the issue of not cleaning up after herself.  Simple things, like after you pull all of the doll clothes out and find that one outfit, put the rest back, or put your clothes in the laundry basket instead of throwing them in your floor...etc.  I do plan to do a major purge...again...but I want to help her develop good cleaning habits...especially since this is not something that comes natural for her.   Any advice?

    Edit to add that right now all I feel like I do is nag, punish, etc to get her to do things.  I'm just hoping for an easier, more simple solution if that exists!

  3. Thanks!  Yes...lots of brown...we are planning to get new couches this fall in a lighter color.   We are also getting a coffee table from my SIL that I’m painting, which will help lighten up that space too.  I already have some mustard yellow accents, so that’s perfect!  And the rug is a great idea too.  I really sort of want to redo that table.  I actually painted it like that from an ugly brown, but I wished I had chosen to do either white or another light color.  Thanks for the tips!

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  4. Trying to decide on what color of curtains I want to use.  I have blue up now, but sort of feel like it’s a lot of colors going table, tan couch, gray couch (not pictured), blue lower cabinets (also not pictured).  What color do you guys like better?  I put one gray panel up to see, but just can’t decide.


  5. Thanks for the ideas!  Still haven’t had a chance to get a close up.  It was getting dark before we got them and I was rushing to get them planted.  They are gigantic!  I don’t even know if they will survive because she had them out of the ground for a couple of days, but I replanted them this evening, so maybe they will make it.  They have not had any blooms according to her.  She just bought this house and didn’t like them where they were and removed them, so she doesn’t really know anything about when or if they bloom.  I don’t have an Android for that app, but how cool!  Wonder if iPhone has anything like that!

  6. Thanks for the input!  Yes, I do want the job.  I take odd jobs like this often, but mostly babysit or sit with elderly people.  Ive only cleaned one house for someone moving in, and she offered $80 and I took it, but at the end of the day I felt like that was way too low!  I was thinking $200, so I wanted to see what others thought to see if that was reasonable.  I plan to tell them that I may not be able to remove the smoke odor, but will try, so whatever they pay isn’t going to include removing it just in case I don’t have success!  This gives me a good idea of what is fair, so thanks!

  7. A friend that’s a real estate agent asked me to give her a quote on cleaning a clients house that is prepping to be put on the market.  I assume a deep cleaning (baseboards, wiping cabinets, etc). One thing she also mentioned is that these people smoke in one of the rooms and will need to have the walls cleaned.  I live in NC.  What do you feel is a reasonable price to charge?  I’ve looked up numbers online, but still not sure what to really charge considering this is a side job, and I’m not a professional or licensed company.  What would you charge?

  8. Thank you everyone for your responses!  They have been super helpful!  We have decided that it just wouldn't be the right thing to do for our family at this time.  I really feel like I am called to be at home, and to homeschool, so I think I would just end up regretting it.  The numbers look enticing, but at the end of the day it would be at the expense of our families mental and physical health.  We will just keep trudging along on our debt free journey, and maybe something else that would allow me to stay home, and make a huge dent in our debt will come along.  Until then, I just need to relax and be grateful for where we are financially, and not where I wished we were.  Thanks again for your help!

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  9. 2 hours ago, DawnM said:

    You might look into what public school options your state offers and apply to work for them.  You make less than a classroom teacher usually, but you would make more than a tutor.  And you could work from home.

    Our state offers K-12 and Connections Academy.

    That is interesting.  Looks like we are in the same state, so I will have to check into that for sure!  Thanks!

  10. 17 minutes ago, mommyoffive said:

    Are you talking totally debt free in 5 years?  CC, Car, Student Loans, Mortgage?   That is amazing.  I think you are way ahead of the ballgame even at 5 years.   

    No, I wished!  I meant consumer debt all credit cards, car loan, student loans, etc.  I'm just hoping to have the mortgage paid by the time my husband retires.  

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  11. Just now, cjzimmer1 said:

    Have you looked into VIPKid or one of those others teach at home type of programs.  I have a friend in real life who is just getting started with it and I know others on this board are finding it a good solution (Soror? I think that's her screen name).  Anyways maybe it could be a happy medium.  Bring in some extra money but still be able to keep kids at home with you. husband is currently in the process of getting his higher level of clearance...he works for the government.  For me to do that I would be working with foreign students, which puts a whole different status on his clearance being processed...I mean, he would get clearance, but it would take a lot more time and energy.  Once he is cleared though, I would really like to look more into this.  I have a friend as well who does it!

  12. 3 minutes ago, Ktgrok said:

    Given what you describe, no, I would not do that. 

    Pros - Debt repaid 3 yrs faster (3 yrs isn't a huge amount of time)


    -3 yr old in daycare full time (I'm not a fan of daycare if avoidable, plus the illness factor)

    -kids are behind so their first experience of brick and mortar school will be to feel stupid, and that negative association can last a lifetime

    -will your kids being behind negatively effect your reputation at the school, among the other teachers and staff? Will they look at your kids being behind and question your teaching skills ? Will worry about that cause you to push your kids more than you should, or put pressure on them? (you and I know that its better to start slow and easy, but that doesn't mean that they will agree)

    -you found it very emotionally stressful before, so at a time when your kids are going through a lot of emotional upheaval (daycare, academics that are harder than used to, making new friends midyear) you will also be going through your own emotional stress. 

    -what will you do if a kid is sick? Two kids starting public school plus 1 kid in daycare is going to mean kids get sick - who will watch them? Will this cause marital tension as you juggle who stays home with the kids?

    - you plan to pull the kids back out to homeschool - will that effect them adjusting? I mean, if they know they are not going to stay long term will that effect how they interact there? Or if they don't know that, will they go full force into it as you stress all the benefits of this new change, only to have the rug pulled out from them when you flip flop and pull them again?


    If this was a matter of "we need the money or we can't buy food" I'd say do it. Just to pay off debt a bit, I don't think the trade off right now is worth it. 


    Thank you!  These are some very excellent points!  I'm so glad I posted this to help me look at more than just the financial side of things. 

  13. 2 minutes ago, moonflower said:

    I would not put a 3 year old in daycare in order to pay off debt more quickly.   I would do it if we needed the money to eat or pay rent, but not to reduce debt that will be paid off eventually anyway.  If you really want to go back to work to pay off debt, just wait 3 more years until the 3 year old is in school, at least.  The debt can wait 3 years.

    Thank you.  That is a great way to look at it.  I guess I just feel so behind the ballgame.  I'm 37, my husband is 40.  We are on Dave Ramsey's program.  It's just hard to listen to him, and not feel the urgency to get things done:)

  14. 2 minutes ago, Lori D. said:
    6 minutes ago, Lori D. said:

    Perhaps you could tutor instead. That allows you to still homeschool, earn extra money to reduce debt more quickly, and not have to pay to put your 3yo in daycare. And it allows you to set your own hours, to work in a much less stressful setting of one-on-one with individual students, and actually help students progress rather than be dealing with so much classroom management and administrative paperwork headaches. Just a thought! BEST of luck, whatever you decide.

    Yes, I have tried to pick up jobs tutoring, but they are sporadic and inconsistent.  I do have a little job now caring for an elderly lady once a week, but that isn't enough to really do much for us financially.  Every little bit helps of course, but little jobs like this still have us at the 5 plus year mark on getting debt paid off.  I would be bringing in an additional 2500 to 3500 after childcare is paid and taxes are taken out, maybe even more, if I went into the classroom.  I can't find enough side jobs to bring that kind of money in unfortunately.  

  15. I've been offered the possible opportunity to go back into the classroom and teach full time.  I've been home with my kids for the past 5 years, and have been homeschooling my 6 and 7 year old for the past couple of years.  I love homeschooling, but I also love the idea of being debt free in 2 years compared to the 5 plus years it will take with our current finances.  Has anyone ever stopped homeschooling for a period of time, put the kids in school/daycare, and are happy they did it to get their finances in a better place?  My plan would be to stop teaching after next I would finish out this year, and then teach one more full year, and come back home to homeschool.  The kids would all be at the same school with me, except for my 3 year old who would be in daycare somewhere.  We would cut our debt in half (we have a boat load) by doing this.  However, I know this will cause a lot of emotional stress.  One of the reasons I left teaching was the amount of stress it caused me.  I know too that the kids will probably be behind their peers academically, which I worry will hinder their confidence.  (I just figure they are behind because the curriculum I use purposefully introduces things at a slower pace than a lot of other programs..they are in Kindergarten and first grade...the first grader can read a little bit, but not very well, and the kinder is still trying to learn letters and figuring out blending sounds).  I'm of course praying for wisdom and discernment in this decision, but wanted to get feedback from any of you who have maybe been faced with a decision like this and what helped you decide to jump in or not, and if you regretted your decision or not.

  16. Yes, just bought 2 couches off Craigslist from 2 different sellers, and I've  bought couches and chairs in the past the same way (we have moved a lot, so it's just worked well for us to buy cheap and sell it rather than haul it each time).  I've never had an issue!  I think the key is picking it up from their house.  If their house looks gross, then pass and find another one!  So far we haven't experienced that, but that's what I would do.

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  17. I use them, but not daily.  I use plant therapy (not MLM), and the sniffle stopper truly works!  I’ve also had a lot of success with diffusing a blend that helps with croup...barely any coughing through the night when I diffused the oils...and on several occasions, not just a 1 time thing!  Seeing the benifits just from those two issues was enough for me to be sold on how helpful they can be!  I guess Doterra and YL are considered the best quality, but I can’t afford their stuff, so I’ve had to settle on PT for now!  

  18. Yes, but it took 5 years (we’ve been here 5.5), and now we’ve been given the possible opportunity to move back home where we’ve wanted to go since we got here!  Funny how that works!  Now we feel completely content if we stay, or if we go.  We are actually a little nervous about going just because we’ve been away, for what feels like so long, and raised our kids here (all 6 and under), but we couldn’t pass up the possible opportunity! 

  19. We live down the road.  I don’t know anything about the homeschooling days.  We are just in kindergarten so we haven’t been for that.  Everyone has given good info on their experience so I thought I would just chime in with stuff that locals do in case you have down time, and some things I didn’t see mentioned above that you can do at some places.  Kidsburg (huge park), if it’s raining the WISC has a nice indoor playground with laser tag, and rock climbing walls.  Yorktown has a cute beach area with a pirate ship ride (a bit pricey), and a trolly that is free to ride around on for fun. At Jamestown there is a kids think that’s fun to do.  There’s also a go cart place, but I’ve never been there so I’m not sure what it’s like.  There’s a couple of cute old fashioned general stores that are fun to visit.  Duck donuts is a neat place to visit.  Pierce’s bbq is a popular place and always packed, but sooo good!  Yankee candle is amazing, and they have little things for kids to do.  Of course great wolf lodge, Busch gardens, water country, and kings dominion are all here too, but those are vacations all on their own!  Hope that helps!

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