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  1. “Hydroxychloroquine, the drug being trialled as a treatment for Covid [and hyped by Donald Trump], also has the side-effect of prolonging QT interval,” says McGregor. “If it’s prescribed to a female, we should have her QT interval measured first, but that’s not even in the discussion.” In fact, she is concerned that in the race to find a Covid vaccine, reverting to standard research protocols (male cells, male animals and no sex-specific analysis of human trials) could result in dangerous gaps in knowledge.
  2. Oh my goodness! Sending love and light to your dd and her babies, and also to you.
  3. I'd still like all the thoughtful, intelligent people to make some other suggestions re high density public transport. I am not joking when I say the current advice here (where masks are not even mentioned) is 'don't take public transport'. I want actual suggestions, from the mask pooh-pooh'ers, for safety on city buses, trams and trains.
  4. I noticed during all this the media have also asked Karleen Gribble and Dr Rebecca.....ugh....brain freeze...home ed academic, anyway, for advice to parents/commentary. I'm pretty sure there was an unschooling article recently in The Coversation. Unless I dreamed it?! 🙂
  5. What Lori said 🙂 I stopped homeschooling this year, but it was because I had to work, so a different situation to you.
  6. I love his framing of this. Choosing to wear a face protector in a public service of worship is an act of welcome and care.
  7. My ds (different kid) was tested for coeliac disease before being prescribed meds.
  8. That's some sexist garbage right there. Good for you; why shouldn't you email? The Bishop is hardly some poor, put-upon shop girl.
  9. Sorry, I was rushing and forgot to say that it's really hard, and I'm sending hugs. Probably worst time of my life, that time with unwell teen, and I am not the same person this side of it. But yes, depression in teens is treatable, and young people can recover from quite severe illness, with the right treatment and support. There is hope.
  10. Yes. Major depression in teens/early young adulthood involving multiple hospitalizations. Now living independently and successfully, and working professionally, having graduated with distinction from university.
  11. Not to stereotype the typical clientele of such establishments, but I read an article recently which posited that some men feel masks are girly, so perhaps that explains it 🙂
  12. Sorry that I missed the point. My reading comprehension is lacking today!
  13. All I wanted was to not spend the day doing something I hated. You know this is utterly reasonable, right? I mean, sometimes we do have to spend the day doing things we hate, because, but it's entirely reasonable that you don't do it on Mother's Day. If you put it to your dh like this, can't you be excused from MIL duty next year? She's not your mom, after all. Can't dh just go and take her out for lunch or something?
  14. I miss my big girls too. A lot. The other night I was just so sad, and cried in bed because I just wished I could have them home. I just have my fingers crossed that when they have their own families, they will want to see me sometimes!
  15. Nobody has a crystal ball, so no-one knows whether you, your husband, or your children will get COVID 19 on this trip. Quite possibly, you won't. Perhaps you will. Whose guess of what the future holdsis correct isn't the problem here. ~ The problem is your dh's refusal to listen to you, hear your concerns, accept them as just as valid a response as his gung-ho denialism. At this point, I would just be a broken record. He's shown you he isn't going to listen, or change his mind. So just repeat 'As I've said, I'm not comfortable going. But you are welcome to go and take the kids. Here is a gluten-free menu of foods you can cook for ds while you are gone.' (I hear your worry on the family accidentally gettting ds glutened. Honestly, I trust two family members not to gluten my ds by mistake, and that's his siblings.Unless your dh is absolutely clued up on what it means to be coeliac, I can easily foresee situations where your g/f child ends up eating the supposedly g/f chips at a cafe or something, rather than prepare him his own meal at home).
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