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  1. Politics is wild. Even at a local level. I'd quite like to be on the local council, but I know I couldn't handle the infighting. It's nearly always a two horse race here too.
  2. Depends on the context - what I already know about the books, names, locations etc. But if no context, I assume like me. I don't visualise characters though, so other than changing my mental schema when I find out later in the text I'm wrong, it's a bit irrelevant I never get upset that a movie ruined a character for me - I have no idea what characters in books look like in the first place.
  3. Because you are someone who previously asked a moderator to ban you from this site, and because you have a pattern of coming here when you are down to vent, and then disappear again. This is meant to be a community. Most venting threads are from posters who also give advice and support to others, who join in on silly threads, share recipes, child-raising tips, have debates etc. In other words, they don't use this place solely as a therapist's office. If your life is good, and you have no need of mental health support, maybe try being part of the community, and not just coming here when you have a venting need.
  4. I think possibly there is more diversity in ideas when there is diversity of candidature? But hey, I am with you on ideas...and the slim pickings sometimes!
  5. Yep, and even if they do, they are not sealed off in a bubble. They still need medical care, social care, physical care sometimes.
  6. Supporting a diverse candidacy is a bit different to voting for particular candidates. Surely diversity of choice of candidate is a good thing for voters?
  7. Tbh, I think you are probably called to something simpler than that, which is finding a therapist IRL to help you work through your loneliness, disconnection and anxiety. I'm sorry you're having a rotten day, and if venting is actually all it takes for you to take a breathe and move on, great. I'm happy to be wrong! Hope that your work meeting the needs of black people in your community gives you a sense of purpose, and that you make judicious use of the snooze button on your conspiracy-minded friends.
  8. Nice of them to partially acknowledge the way they allowed the disease to sweep through care homes, with nary a shrug.
  9. Which is more to do with the underlying weaknesses of the economy and the bushfires, as there were only 8 pandemic days included in the last quarter.
  10. This. I mean, if you believe in democratic processes, and not in violent insurrection, then voting is THE best tool you have. But don't just vote for the guy who makes the best noises about being anti-racism. Investigate your candidates, call them, ask questions of them. What are their plans for people of color? For women and girls? For the poor of their city? For the environment? Hold your elected representatives accountable too.
  11. Yeah, dd1 and dd2's girlfriend have both done it. Looks fine.
  12. Don't you guys want to overcome your inherent violence? What does burning the system look like? This whole 'well, we overthrew the British' thing is making zero sense to outsiders. You overthrew the British so now you are going to....??? Overthrow democracy? What's the replacement?
  13. There are a lot of adults behaving like toddlers on Twitter. I can imagine kids following certain scientists/artists etc on Twitter, but a lot of the time the discourse is very unedifying.
  14. StellaM


    I disagree with your pov, but the bolded is true. We've been pushing it.
  15. StellaM


    It's not the worst by a long shot. For me, personally, the worst was when a poster called me a hate monster raising my children up to go out and bash gay people. I'm also not a fan of the posters who insist on calling women who get abortions 'child murderers'. I've seen strenuous disagreement in the last months over Covid and now, murder and subsequent protests. But I haven't actually seen the base kind of personal insults and bullying that sadly, characterised discussions on this board for many years. I know many anti-lock down people think they are being called Granny Killers, but they'd be hard pressed to find individual posters saying things to them like, 'you're just raising up your kids to be racist murder-supporters who practice killing on Grannies.' And seriously, I don't know how long-term posters missed that kind of nastiness in the past, but trust me, it was present.
  16. StellaM


    Correct. This is waaaay better at this time than it has been on other issues. Some of the posters who would post sheer, personal hate no longer post here, thank goodness. Having said that, I understand that OP feels no politician speaks for her atm. Trust me, even though I am a lifelong social democrat, nobody much speaks for me either, on either side of the aisle. It is disorienting to have no-one to align oneself with. Bonus though - we can use that feeling of disenfranchisement to imagine how other disenfranchised peoples feel. I've noticed there are a lot of threads about non-Covid, non-murder protest things, so maybe OP can just ignore the threads that do focus on those things?
  17. I read an interesting article about this yesterday (I'll see if I can find it) by health academics who point out that that racism is also a determinant of health, and so you can't neatly separate the issue into pro-health and anti-health actions - for black people, both racism and COVID are threats to their health. I am unhappy about the breakdown in public order from a coronavirus pov. Thank God that here, ds did not end up going to a mass demonstration last night, because elders from the Eora nation hadn't approved it. I am hoping that because our community transmission is so low, that the protest that went ahead anyway doesn't see an uptick in infection. That's not a luxury that many centres of protest in the US have right now. But absolutely, I'm a complete hypocrite in not mentioning the risk here, while harping on it re the other protest, and all because I don't fancy getting called a Karen. I do see more masking happening in the current demonstrations. I do think that people protesting without masks are helping to endanger the health of those most susceptible to the virus, including black people. If I were to feel compelled to demonstrate in my own town, at the moment, I would be wearing a mask and making silent, stationary protests - from a public health pov, less likely to spread virus. Let me not add to the population risk for the sake of my own conscience, kwim?
  18. I honestly don't understand how she went to Malaysia right now.
  19. Yeah, that was so strange...haven't caught up with what happened. Sad for the young man, but I suspect the community is relieved.
  21. OK, thanks, that's something to go away and think about. (I will say that from a pov of upcoming elections for you guys, something that does worry me is a slice of the white female electorate retreating into (non-pejorative) conservatism, and failing to turn out for Biden. I'm not saying they would be right to do this, just that they might do this - it's psychologically consistent in times of disorder).
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