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  1. Wow, you gave me a lot of helpful advice and it sounds like you know what it's like to homeschool a child with autism. Knowing others are doing it is such a relief to me! I'm going to have to hop on over to that forum I think. My son is both medicated, and we are seeing a doctor who monitors his blood levels to get him on a super strict supplement regimen and without those two things he's a wreck. With it, he's much more able to relax and be a part of the family dynamics. He is what I would call a "situational eloper" for the brief time he was in a public preschool he was frequently trying to
  2. I'm trying to plan where to go from here with my son as we head into 1st grade. My son has severe ADHD, Sensory processing disorder, and autism. Would you be very concerned about a boy on the cusp of his 6th birthday who is just starting to sound out CVC words? People seem concerned that he's not reading yet. He just in the past month started blending CVC words. I can only get him to focus on reading for 5 minutes at a time because he hates reading so much so it's very slow going. Most first grade level boxed programs I'm ruling out because he'd be behind their LA programs for reading an
  3. Hello! I'm a mother to a six year old, a three year old, and a one year old and currently living in the Chicago suburbs. I have read (a vast majority) of the WTM and I found it quite empowering. I have areas I feel I need to improve myself in, but I am looking forward to homeschooling my children. My husband is finishing up his degree and we will be moving to West Virginia in the next year so he can take over his family's business. We own a house in Kanawha county that we plan on moving back to. I just looked up the homeschooling laws and I was shocked how different they are than Illinois! I h
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