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  1. My fourth grader is finishing FLL level 4. Can I just do Latin (MP's First Form Latin) for next year and count that as language arts? I plan to continue Writing With Ease. I just didn't know if I had to continue with some language arts curriculum or use Latin instead. I need to use my time wisely as we have a lot of kids.
  2. We lost the 4 day Explorer page for weeks 23-28. It tells you what questions to answer. Anyone have it? oblivionfamily@verizon.net Karen wife to Wes mom to: Wesley 16 Shaw 14 Julian 13 Cheyenne 11 Vaughn 6 Kade 4 Rafe 3 Brooklyn 2 Baby 10/11
  3. This yr is my 11th also and I have had times where I wanted to cry! I have a 15,13,11,10,4,3,2 and 7mo. It is insane here at times and really hard to get all the school done. The way I stay sane is to remember why I do this. I try to find outlets for me as a woman:reading, dinners with girlfriends, walks at night with the dog, an hour nap at 2:30pm, whatever you need to do. I hope it goes well for you. Wife of 13 yrs Wesley 15 Sonlight, Life of Fred, Apoplogia, Henle Shaw 12 same except Lively Latin Julian 11 same Cheyenne 10 same Vaughn 4 Little Hands to Heaven Kade 3 busy Rafe 2 trying to be happy Brooklyn 7mo happy and crawling
  4. I am thankful to say that we have 8 and all of them can participate in all activities. married 13yrs 15ds Sonlight, Apologia, Henle, Life of Fred 13DS Sonlight, Life of Fred, Apologia 11DS Sonlight, Life of Fred, Apologia 10DD Sonlight 4DS mischief 3DS running 2DS struggling to be happy 7moDD happy and crawling
  5. I 've taught fitness classes for many years and have read that if you eat a little before you work out, the body has more glucose in the blood stream that it can use for fuel. If you eat something, you actually burn more calories because you'll have the energy to move muscles. The best combo of foods is a carb/protein meal:banana +pb, yogurt+egg, etc. Have fun!
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