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  1. Have any of you ever used the curriculum line The Good and the Beautiful by Jenny Phillips for your child? It comes highly rated in my neck of the woods, but I'm curious as to how well it aligns a classical education. Its amazingly cheap for sure, and well loved, but is it enough?
  2. Je pense que c'est 'le spectacle de la mi-temps'
  3. Holy cow! That's horrible! You officially made me regret even thinking I could use it.
  4. For my own understanding, why did you think it wasn't that great of a product? I haven't had any personal experience with it outside of seeing the commercials. ;)
  5. That's a really strong point. I imagine that's why RS Latin only has 3 levels instead of the usual 5.
  6. I am a little sticker shocked at the cost of Latin through Memorial Press. Not to mention the fact that it only seems to get more expensive the higher the level. Just out of curiosity, I looked up the cost through Rosetta Stone; 1 year of MP Latin is close to the cost of 3 years (or levels I should say) of RS Latin. Has anyone gone down the RS lane with Latin or any other language? Thanks for your thoughts.
  7. Nope! My daughter is about 2.5 and I am already cutting and laminating things for kindergarten. I keep telling her we are starting pre-pre-school in August. ;) Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks for everyone's input; it was very helpful. I guess the biggest worry is that I might "break" my child. I did a stint of teaching 1st grade while pregnant (and it wasn't safe to be in a behavior SpEd classroom) and there was a huge difference in who could read well and who couldn't and how that affected their self-esteem and performance in all the other subjects. I would hate for my child to not love learning because I didn't do a good enough giving her the tools and teaching her. *Sigh*
  9. It's probably just because I read about it in the book and it seems most on here use it.
  10. So, at what point should I switch from "homemade phonics" instruction to AAR? Hmm....sometimes I miss the days of not get a choice in curriculum or when I teach what and when; much less stress (unless the district curriculum stinks). ;)
  11. Let me preface by saying that I am a certified SpEd teacher turned SAHM. That being said, do I really need to fork out the money for AAR to give my child a classical education? I feel fairly well equipped to teach reading and even have hundreds of decodable/leveled readers from my teaching days. Thoughts?
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