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  1. Barn converted into reception halls are becoming more common and very popular here in the midwest.  There are some beautiful conversions...all heated and air conditioned.  Is there a website for the venue?  I wouldn't worry about wearing something particular for the setting.  We have been to some wonderful and beautiful receptions in them that are very comfortable.  The only caveat is if the barn is a private person's property and they are just dressing it up for that occasion...then that's another story.

  2. Sarah Ward is the guru you might be looking for.  Love, love her stuff.  If you can see her in person, don't miss it.  Here are some links.  The last two are found in an Autism forum but are relevant to anyone with EF challenges.  Her 360 Degree Plan (Get Ready, Do, Done) is fantastic.  The best I have seen for EF strategies.  I also really like her time management strategies.  If you google her name with "executive function" you will find many, many pdf handouts from her presentations.







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  3. Thanks Ladies!  I knew this was the place to ask.  


    She has done the markers and played around with various nibs.  I should have been more specific.  Looking for pens with cartridges that you can switch out various sizes of nibs.

  4. My dd (15yo) wants to learn calligraphy.  Does anyone have suggestions for pens with cartridges that would be appropriate for a beginner? We tried what seemed like a nice set from Hobbly Lobby, but they weren't any good.  She watched a bunch of youtube videos about what to do if you can't get the ink to flow. After trying everything, she gave up and we returned them.

  5. I just got this email (copied and pasted below) yesterday evening.  $24.99 seemed like a bargain to me.  I am really anxious to watch them.


    We can't be everywhere at once, and neither can you. So let's compromise. 

    Grab your favorite device and a delicious beverage and settle in for some fabulousLost Tools of Writing training from a CiRCE certified master teacher. 

    In this video series, Matt Bianco, director of the Lost Tools of Writing for the CiRCE Institute, takes you through the program, offering the same sort of training you would find at any LTW workshop - only you can watch wherever and whenever you want for half the price of a regular workshop ticket. 

    Watch them from the comfort of your own home; on your tablet, laptop, or smartphone; and while drinking coffee in your own living room. Shoot, you can watch it in your slippers if you want. You probably should, in fact!

    But however and wherever you watch, this video series is perfect for the teacher or parent who is new to the Lost Tools of Writing or who just wants a quick refresher before kicking off the new school year. 
    12 videos. Over 3 hours. Download or Stream!
  6. I struggled a bit with it at first because it was different than how I was taught, but I developed a huge appreciation for it.  I really felt strongly that the conceptual approach was the way to go and we persisted.  After doing Right Start it was a good fit and my kids did really well with it.  Each of them took 2 years to get through it.  We have finished with it and I am ready to sell it if anyone is looking.  I have the DVD version Modules A-F.  PM me if you are interested.

  7. This is my new "enthusiasm" of late.   :001_smile: I have come across several fantastic resources lately.  Nothing that is really a program or curriculum, but great for learning more about word study and doing "structured word inquiry."  I really like Marcia Henry's book also.


    Real Spellers


    LEX (Linguist Educator eXchange)


    Word Worksingston


    Online Mini Matrix Maker


    Online Entomology Dictionary



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  8. Our family loves the Black Hills!  Spring can be a bit tricky because you can run into some substantial snow events.  We were there last May about mid month and one day it snowed 8 inches.  It melted quickly the next day.  There was a blizzard and a couple feet of snow on Mother's Day weekend.


    A friend of ours has a cabin available on VRBO. There is a nice view of Crazy Horse from his property. ( https://www.vrbo.com/631817 )


    We love Custer State Park and could spend days there. Be sure to do an early morning drive or evening drive when you will see many more animals. We also love Wind and Jewel Caves (definite favorites and perfect if you have some rainy weather), hiking around Sylvan Lake, driving Needles Highway, Crazy Horse, and Mount Rushmore. Cosmos was pretty fun.  If you are coming from the east be sure to drive through the Badlands.  To the west, Devils Tower is just a short drive over the border in Wyoming and is fascinating. Hiking Harney Peak is on our bucket list for the next trip.  If you like to ride bikes there is a fantastic bike trail http://gfp.sd.gov/state-parks/directory/mickelson-trail/


    There is so much to do!  Feel free to pm me.

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  9. I read almost daily, but I am shy about posting. :blush:  I started reading in 2004 and will graduate my first one this year (four more to go!)  This is my favorite place on the net.  I have learned so much over the years thanks to all of you; always consult the hive first; and honestly don't think I would have made it though homeschooling high school without it.  Thanks, again SWB!!

  10. Switched to Costco's Kirkland brand shampoo and conditioner last month after reading about it on the boards. Love, love, love it!  My three ddd switched too and all of us have had terrific results.

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  11. We have been using this virtue program for the past two years and we all really like it. It is explicitly Catholic. (I assumed that is okay from your post since you mentioned Saints.) We focus on a virtue for 2-3 weeks and then switch to another one.  Some of the cards are oriented towards a school setting, but we easily apply them to home school and discuss.  It was a little spendy, but it gets used everyday because it is laid out so nicely for me.

  12. If you are doing a Laura Ingalls Wilder trip, I would recommend flying into Sioux Falls, doing the DeSmet pageant one night, stay in Brookings and spend the next day at the  Children's Museum   http://www.prairieplay.org (my kids love this museum). Then either that evening or the next day drive to Walnut Grove, MN (2 hours east) and go to the LIW pageant there. http://walnutgrovemn.weebly.com  We live in the area and have been to both several times.  They are well worth the trip, especially for a 9 yo girl.  :)  Both have museums and other things to look at and do.


    The Black Hills is a serious trek from Sioux Falls.  I would never, ever attempt it in a day trip, but the Hills are very fun and a great vacation.  We just spent a week there in late May.


    I would be happy to pm with you if you have any questions or need more info.

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