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  1. Hi there, we've (halfway thru the year) just discovered Schole Academy and would love feedback if anyone has it, esp for Grade 5 writing.
  2. We run a lay Episcopal fellowship in our little community and we have had Zoom church every Sunday since March-- as well as another lay leader running a Saturday night vespers. It's actually been really nice! (methowepiscopal.com)
  3. Hi there, we have a 5th grader, and looking ahead are considering an online junior high school for 7th grade. Because we are homeschooling, I wonder how it is we find/solicit letters of recommendation based on academics (specifically language arts) for application-- has anyone done that before? Thank you.
  4. Thanks all- really helpful! We'll start by putting together the ideal schedule and then see if we can adapt to the current schedule. I'm really compelled by the WTM philosophy and methodology and hopeful we can find a way to make it work at least as after school for now and start thinking about ways to make it more full time. Does anyone have kids in the older logic stage who might comment on the possibility of them doing some work independently (though obviously not without direction)?
  5. Hi, I have a 1st grader and a 3 year old, and am strongly pulled toward this curriculum. The catch is that both my husband and I work, and though my work is flexible, it is still important. Any other working parents making this happen for title guys out there? I'm wondering if after schooling during the grammar phase and then homeschooling when there is more capacity for time alone makes sense. I'd love to hear how others have figured it out! We live in a small rural community and I'm not aware of other classical homeschoolers nearby.
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