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What is your favorite and least favorite math curriculum for elementary?

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What's with the ads?

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Posted 15 May 2013 - 09:16 AM

Loved CLE for the one 1st grader I used it with. I put another ds into it at 4th and he hated it.

Love Horizons, for K, but only my dd has thrived with it after that point.

I love MUS and how it teaches. My kids are not enthralled with it, but do retain it. I sometimes will explain something a little different way here or there, but overall they GET this method.

Can't stand RightStart, ds cried every time I pulled out all of those manipulatives. I hated the process, and math seemed to take forever.

MM has a good process, but the pages are too visually overwhelming. We do have it all in pdf form, and I use it when I need more practice or a different approach. My kids moan when I pull out a page.

Saxon, meh, gets the job done, but not my first choice.

TT got the job done for a while, then my kids started tuning out the lecture and figured out how to manipulate the system while not really understanding. I do think it is a good program if the parent stays very involved. I also felt that it was behind even with my kids working a grade level ahead.

If I ever have another kid, I will probably use MUS Primer and Horizons K for K. Then, I will do MUS and just make sure that I go through the What your ___ Grader Needs to Know books and teach other skills myself, probably in an unschooly way.

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Posted 15 May 2013 - 09:40 AM

We haven't really moved around much in math.

I tried a few math programs "on the side" but have been doing Singapore Math since we started formally.

I only recently stopped it because I did not like the way of counting (using the line to bounce backwards & forwards) as it was causing bad habits in my daughter. I still like Singapore Math, and think it's good, it just ended up being that I diverged from what they thought was best.

Waldorf math is interesting and hands-on, this also includes Oak Meadow. Its introduced through a story type format, so is best for a child that loves stories or dislikes math and prefers it presented in a different format. My daughter is very mathy, and disliked the fact their was a whole long, drawn out story just to introduce simple facts.

Queen Homeschool does an interesting math that is based on stories too. I liked it, but again my daughter didn't, lol. Life of Fred would be good for a boy or a vivacious non-girly girl, and I think Queens stuff is more neutral or towards girls.

The one we have changed from Singapore to is in my signature, obviously, but anyway, its Rightstart. I do like it and so far so do all of my kids, but its too early to give an informed opinion of this. If we decide its not for us, I'm just going to stick with Kathryn Stouts Maximum Math guide and the Maths section in one of my hs books, and avoid another curricula (as I refuse to switch a lot with math, so either RS works with us, or I dump using a packaged curricula for maths). I had a a fair few very, very good reasons for leaving Singapore, and it was a big, drawn out long thought process. If we continue with RS, we may jump ship down the line (50/50 chance) but would move over to Teaching Textbooks, plus me just tutoring/facilitating math.

In case that whole thought process confused you and you would like bullet point format (although why, no idea, just because I can:


If Rightstart doesn't work, no more curricula, I just teach using guides/scopes

If RS does work, we may jump ship around Level C and transfer to Teaching Textbooks + Mum Extras

We may go all the way through RS, and either use videotext or transfer to AoPs.

Somewhere along the way, I may add in some Miquon (later than what suggested, because I want to get past a certain point in RS, so as not to confuse them regarding rods). I already own the full Miquon set, plus about 1000 wooden rods, lol. I may add in Beast Academy at some point too. Both Miquon & Beast Academy would be fun supplements based upon interest, not replacements and not required.

The above trail includes all of my kids. So later on down the track, I may end up using scopes to teach one, the other doing RS, and the other doing Teaching Textbooks + Mom time.

I've figured what works best here (for the sake of harmony) is to just choose as many subjects as I can with Right-Brain, Experiential, Discovery Based Learning Methods. It saves teaching one child one way, and 2 others the other, except for some subjects where those two others need right-brain strategies.....yep, and it goes on....much easier to just choose this method for everyone and every subject.

Oh, we also use Form Drawing as part of Atlas' handwriting, but further down the track it evolves more into mathematical drawing & geometric very complicated designs, which is awesome. I will continue with this, even when doing other handwriting.

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Posted 15 May 2013 - 09:48 AM

Thanks everyone!

What is MEP?

ETA: I think I found the site...I did a search on here and found a link.....do you pay anything for it? I'm just confused on that part lol

Nope, the best part about MEP is that it's totally free!

Another vote for MEP and Math Mammoth. DD doesn't really love Math Mammoth, but she puts up with it. I usually just make her do 2 pages a day (not every day), but sometimes the next page looks fun so she asks to do 3 or 4. I think it's pretty solid.

MEP is the one we both like the best, though it's much more teacher intensive.