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Is any one familiar with the National Young Scholars Program?

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I'm just curious - does anyone have any experience with this program. It is put on by the National Center for Early Academic Excellence.


My 5th grade ds was nominated for this program by his teacher. It is a week long residential program and costs close to 2K. They do have a day program but we're too far away to take advantage of it and it's not that much cheeper.


It sounds interesting - I'm just wondering if anyone has had dc that have participated in this program and if so what you thought of it.





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It looked wonderful but we declined. If we had lived within driving distance of D.C. (as we once did) she would probably have gone. But the expense and distance to travel (from Oregon) was prohibitive, and at the time she was 11 or 12 - very young to travel alone.


I am hoping to have her participate in some other programs when she is in high school, for example some of the Hillsdale College summer study abroad programs where she can get college credit.

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