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Megawords question please - need help

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I have a question about Megawords for anyone who can help me.


I am looking at Megawords 1 the teacher book/answer key and found where it says to make flash cards. It isn't clear what the flash cards are supposed to be of? Am I supposed to make flash cards of the word lists? Or, am I supposed to make flash cards of the rules that are taught? I am confused. If you have experience with Megawords and can help me I would appreciate it.


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I don't know what the authors intend, but I would think that flashcards of the rules being studied would be most useful. I put the information on 3x5 cards, hole-punched them, and put them on a ring. We don't use them as flashcards per se, but they are handy references when my kids are doing their other work.

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