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I can't seem to find some threads I read through awhile back about working on community service projects, working toward goals, and getting awards for different levels/amounts done.


Does this make enough sense that someone can tell me what I'm talking about?:001_huh::tongue_smilie: Thanks!!!

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YES!!! Thankyouso much! DD has some things in the works, so I was looking for her, actually, but I guess you can't do it 'til you're 14. Too bad!


Does anyone know if they have something similar for younger achievers?


I'm still going to look at this, though, and see what it's all about. Thanks again, Margaret!

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I googled it and all I could get was something from Virginia! Thankyou so much for the links!


ETA: I still can't find any Governor Award for volunteering in Washington State, so that one is probably out. But the Presidential award info. looks great, and I am going to look into it more. Thanks again!

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