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When signed up with blogspot, don't they allow you to search blogs by topic?


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I just read that blogspot allows a blogger up to 100 readers. That's it???? Does that mean "up to 100 readers at one time" or what??? See, this is why I am hesitant to become a blogger. I don't get the details. Can anyone convince me that blogspot is easy to use?

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Hi Anna,


I had to play with blogger a little to see if I could answer your question. I don't think they have a feature for you to search only blogger blogs. Interesting, because I never really though about it.


I think what you're really looking for is a Social Networking Sites such as Technorati, MyBlogLogs, Stumbleupon which I think are the most popular right now. I don't know if you need to have a profile with each one to use their search features.


I don't know what the 100 readers limit is either, because I know some of these sites are getting large amounts of traffic. It might be a loading issue where a site may somehow be limited to 100 readers at any one time. I'd be interested to see what the answer would be to that.


I started using blogger for my first blog and still have it. It is very easy to use for a non-techie (I am a non-techie). It really comes down to what you want to do with your blog. There are good free options with blogger, wordpress, and typepad (I think). These are the foundation platforms from which you develop a blog. Think of it as the Main Operating System for your computer. You probably use Windows or MAC. Blogger, Wordpress, and Typepads are operating systems for blogs.


Your preference will come with what you're familiar with. It's a learning process and yes, there's lots of info (it's overwhelming).


What's your goal with your blog?

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