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Happy Birthday to my DD- 22 today!

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My oldest daugher is 22 today. She was homeschooled k-12th and I just want to say....

It was worth it. I am so glad that we invested the time and energy to homeschool. I'm glad that we have memories together of crazy "field trips", travleing the country together during dad's business trips, reading out loud for hours, struggling through "what's after graduation" decisions, enjoying the "everyday" together- praying, cleaning, cooking, laughing and sharing life's stories.

I'm tempted to brag on this lovely young woman, but I'll save it for my blog:). I just want to say and I sound like such an old lady, but here goes anyway - enjoy your kids because you'll wake up and they will be adults. Time flies. Enjoy educating them. It is time well invested.

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