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Grammar Curriculum Most Like Analytical Grammar for 8th-10th Grades

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I'm on the hunt for a grammar curriculum to use next year with the English class I teach at our local home-school coop. This will be roughly for 8th-10th grades.  I love AG, but in this co-op where I teach, I don't think some of the content would be accepted favorably by parents.  The scope, sequence, and structure (for scheduling) of AG would work beautifully for my classroom if only the content were a better fit.  This is what I'm looking for- a grammar curriculum that:

  • Fits a one day/week class (Monday) meeting... HW is done at home throughout the rest of the week
  • Is logically organized/well sequenced
  • Covers parts of speech, phrases, clauses, punctuation, and word usage
  • Teaches diagramming (my preference, but not a deal breaker if this is not taught)
  • Offers testing of concepts
  • Is written TO the student...IOW, is not solely dependent on the teacher for instruction.
  • Comes with a teacher key that I can use to grade
  • Christian content is a plus.

I hope someone can toss an idea my way.  I need to make a decision soon.  I've been using Junior Analytical Grammar with the younger students at the school, and it is a beautiful fit with them.  

Thank you all for your help!


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Edited today to add:  After researching yesterday, these are the programs that are "in the neighborhood" of my needs.  Please comment on these and/or suggest others for me to research.  

Christian Light Education 8th grade Sunrise Series: Scope & sequence are a good fit, Christian content- a plus.  Con: Hard to schedule for Monday only classes.

Jensens: Pro: has a “map” to guide understanding of sentence like AG. Con: complicated; Would also need the punctuation book.  Might be too much to do both books in the same year.

MCT: Beautiful, good alternate to traditional diagramming, but expensive

Hake, Bob Jones, Abeka etc: More than grammar (includes writing)  My class only needs to cover grammar, punctuation; sentence constructions (but not writing paragraphs).

Shirley: Stops at 7th grade

Easy Grammar: Not condensed; not great reviews

Well Ordered Language (Christian Academic Press): Might work

Well-Trained Mind stuff: Not for a once/week format

Winston Grammar: This is a maybe.  Can we order the advanced set plus the basic student book and do all of it in one year?  How would I schedule this?  Test this?

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I like Easy Grammar Ultimate (I'd use grade 9) for the daily work. Have them buy the teacher edition and check their own work.

For class I'd give the unit test out of Easy Grammar plus as a pre test. Then I'd teach the concepts most didn't know. I'd also give extra worksheets and answer sheets from the Easy Grammar Plus as homework for weak areas. I would give them quizzes from the sub units in Easy Grammar plus. the quizzes would show them where they needed more practice with the extra worksheets. For tests I'd pull 2 of their daily Easy Grammar Ultimate pages from a week or two prior.

For my own students, I did add Shurley English 7/8 https://www.shurley.com/hs/?583c10bfdbd326ba151c5e39186c2

However, we only used the sentence labeling and sentence patterns sections. This replaced diagramming and matched the sentence labeling they were already familiar with in  Latin for Children.

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Wow, Heartsjoy, thank you for detailing your answer.  You are the second person to recommend EG.  

I will go back and give this a look.  It is so interesting to see how you paired EG with Shurley English.  This, to me, is a sign of a true homeschooler. :) When my children were young, I remember trying to tie parts of our schooling together.  That was part of the fun back then!  

I appreciate your feedback.  

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