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Emerald Stoker

After Irasshai? Video suggestions appreciated.

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One of my kids has been learning Japanese and is doing well. He has textbooks and workbooks that he likes reasonably well. Because his text has accompanying audio but no video, he has been supplementing his written work with the Irasshai videos, as he learns well that way (we didn't find out about Irasshai until we'd already gotten a certain way through the other books, and he decided to just keep going with those, rather than switch over to the Irasshai companion textbook/workbook).

He's all done the Irasshai videos now, and would love to start another series of videos (preferably picking up more or less where Irasshai leaves off, if possible). Does anybody have any suggestions? (I know a live teacher would be even better at this point, but we just can't add anything else to the schedule this year.) Free is good, but is not necessary if there is something good quality and at an appropriate level.

Thanks so much for the help!

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