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saying hi and feeling a bit behind


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hi all

not sure how to begin so ill just repeat that I am saying hello and feeling a bit behind in the home education game. I have 3 amazing young people in my home. they are the joy of my life and I chose to be responsible for their education about ten years ago. I am currently wondering where the time went as my eldest is 16 but I don't feel I've equipped her for college. She is super intelligent but my lack of skill as an instructor has caught up with me. I have thought many times to put her in public school just to gain a bit of structure and move her through an established system into higher education. just doesn't feel right. anyhoo lots more details as there are two super cool young men in my life as well on 14 the other nearly 13. They too are incredible human beings and deserving of much more than I can give them. 

I am super curious about the wtm academy if someone who is currently utilizing it can give me some feedback. haven't had a chance to look into it just yet. 

well wishes to all


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