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Logic Curriculum

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Hello folks,

Forgive me if this has already been covered.  I did a brief search for this question and didn't find it.

I have a quite-bright rising 8th grade son, and I'm trying to decide on a logic curriculum for him.  He's already done Critical Thinking 1 & 2 and he enjoyed them.  It looks like WTM recommends for the next step either Traditional Logic I by Martin Cothran or Discovery of Deduction by Classical Academic Press.  I like the idea of DVDs, as found in Cothran, but I've read mixed reviews on the quality of these.  (I've never used DVD instruction before, but I am getting increasingly busy, and worried about fitting everything in).  I'm wondering if anyone out there has an opinion about how these two curricula compare.  My son is a great reader and super-advanced.  I'm also hoping to use the same curriculum (at a slower pace, if necessary), for my second son the following year, who is also bright but not as advanced (also not as old within the school year).  Any feedback is appreciated, thanks!

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