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Anyone have any experience with Christendom College?


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I have never been but I know some young adults who have gone there and years later they still rave about their experiences and recommend it often.


I don't know what the vibe is like on campus, but the graduates all have an intellectual bent and express themselves well. They are kind and fun-loving, and I can't imagine them being anything short of welcoming to people of different traditions.


I once went to a homeschool conference where some speakers happened to be educated at Christendom and I was so impressed with their knowledge, logic, and eloquence. It got to the point when I heard a speaker who was even better than the previous ones, I decided to go up and ask at the end of the talk, "Where did you go to college?" And, sure enough, the answer was Christendom.


If my high school senior we're not so science focused, I would consider it.


Christendom should still have a price match program that is worth checking into.


As far as how a Protestant would feel there, it's hard to guess. Hopefully, all would be welcoming. It would be easier if one came from a more conservative tradition.


There is a dress code and I suspect no opposite sex visits in the dorms.


I'm a rather traditional Catholic, but I would be fine if my kids were interested in more conservative Christian college as long as I thought they wouldn't be challenged about their faith every minute, they would be accepted as a fellow Christian, and had some other Catholics to get together with. I think you might be able to find out those types of things if you go visit.


I hope this helps.

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