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Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2 and PreCalculus

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What would you like to know?


My oldest dc used TT from algebra 1 up through pre-calculus. My younger two are on the same path. My oldest is a non-math kid, but did well with TT. Her math SAT score was very respectable for a liberal arts major. She did statistics her senior year in high school instead of calculus, so I can't speak to whether or not TT prepared her for calc. I guess I will find that out with my son, who is currently giving me vague hints that he may want to go into engineering.


You will receive opinions on TT from one extreme to the other. I found it impossible to come to any solid conclusions based on what I read on forums. The deciding factor for me 6-7 years ago was that I had two early elementary kids who needed lots of my time for their schooling. I knew my oldest was quite capable of independent learning even in subjects that were not her strong ones. With TT every single problem had a completely worked out solution. If that wasn't enough, she came to me and we worked through it together. If I couldn't figure it out with her, we called TT since they offer free live tutor calls. (We only had to do that once or twice, but what a benefit that was!)


The other benefit to my oldest was how much spiral review is built in. Without that, everything would have leaked out of her head. (That's another debate--spiral vs. mastery, aka drill and kill, IMHO.)


Having said all that, your goals may be entirely different from mine.

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