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New HS Mom in TN Looking For Advice!!

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Hello! I will be homeschooling my (soon to be) 5 year old this year. I'm still trying to decide... some have told me to go with the school board (I'll explain that below), some have said HomeLife is great, some have said Daniel 1 is awesome, and some have told me to skip the heartache and go with PS, to be honest. :( I need advice!

I called the school board and was told with homeschooling, my kids won't get a diploma and almost no where accepts a HS certificate. I was also told she would be tested in 5th, 7th, and 9th grade. The woman I talked with also convinced me to sign my daughter up for kindergarten this past week and she told me if I still want to homeschool, just call and let her know and she can withdraw her, no problem. Has anyone else ever heard of this? Will this be an issue?

Please help me decide a homeschool program! I'm all new to this! And how do I keep track of grades for elementary school students? 

Oh! And I read Daniel 1 gives a discount card for things... I believe I read that on HomeLife, as well... are these any good? Thanks in advance, everyone! God bless!


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Never ask school officials for homeschooling information. You will get bad information. Nobody I know goes through the school board. I am very happy with HomeLife, which I use instead of having any contact with the school board. Call and unenroll your daughter on Monday or just send a letter unenrolling her. Don't quit before you start.


"my kids won't get a diploma and almost no where accepts a HS certificate."   This is completely false. You issue a diploma from your homeschool. Homeschool students easily go to college. The testing requirement does not apply when using an umbrella school in TN. You have to follow the requirements of the umbrella school.


Welcome to homeschooling and the WTM boards!

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