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Hello everyone! I am just finishing up my first year homeschooling my 2 daughters! I have most everything in place for next year, they will be in 4th and 6th grade. The subject I keep swaying back and forth with is our writing curriculum. We used IEW Student Writing Intensive A this year. The girls really improved! We wrote our first book reports and 5 paragraph essays on topic the girls chose! They are doing well with it, they just drag their feet with it, they don't seem to be really enjoying the program. I purchased All Things Fun and Fascinating to lighten things up next year, and also found Writing Strands 3 & 4 at our thrift store! I am really interested though in Writing & Rhetoric! I just heard about it and like what I see on their website. What would you all recommend? Since the girls are progressing in their writing skills I was thinking about starting my oldest in book 5 of W&R and my youngest in book 4 (her writing skill is close to that of her big sister's). What are your likes and dislikes of the program? Or is there another program out there that is even better? Thank you so much for your help!



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I have boys in 4th and 6th grade this year and I've tried most writing programs out there -- including all of those you mentioned -- in a vain attempt to find something THEY liked. It turns out they just don't like to write. WWE was tolerated when they were younger but now that they're older, we've moved on to Writing and Rhetoric (book 3 for the 6th grader, book 1 for the 4th grader.) They don't love it, but they haven't loved anything I've tried. I'm using W & R because I like it and it's easy to teach. 




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