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Saxon Math 5/4: Fact Practice Workbook


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This is the printed out and hole-punched version of the math facts pages (drills). If you have the Home school Packet, the pages may already be in there (I have the second edition).  In the beginning of each lesson, the student book tells you which practice page to use.


I scanned the facts practice pages as well as tests from the Homeschool Packet onto my computer and have printed them out as needed. That is within the copyright for the materials. Initially, we used the practice pages as instructed- before each lesson. Over time, I started to assign 4 practice sheets on Fridays as a light math day. My kids can usually complete a page in less than 5 minutes. The practice sheets have been invaluable. We are now in Math 8/7, which I believe is the last book with such pages. We use the practice sheets, which now contain 4 operations on fractions and decimals, geometrical figures, reducing fractions, unit conversions, and other great topics. Sometimes I print out pages from previous books if it looks like someone has forgotten how to do long division or another topic.


I think it comes down to the cost. If you can print cheaply and have the masters from the Homeschool Packet, then you might want to go with those. If printing would cost more than buying the book, then go with the book. The pages made a huge difference in my kids' confidence and ability to manipulate numbers quickly.



Edited to add:


There are approximately 10-12 different facts practice pages. These repeat throughout the book, which is why you could just scan and print from the homeschool packet.. Using the same pages over and over (in different order) helps students develop familiarity and speed to the point where they no longer have to think about the calculation. They just know that 3 x 8 = 24 by looking at the problem.

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