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If I like "Believe" (By Frazee) Kids Edition.....


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I am using, Believe Kids Edition: Think, Act, Be Like Jesus this year with DD6.  It's a simple, nondenominational devotional that covers the basics of Christian living.  It was just what we needed this year.  I'm stuck for next year. What I like about the Believe book is that we just read the intro, read the story and had a great discussion.  It used passages straight from the Bible and didn't have a denominational slant (that I noticed anyway).  It introduced important topics then allowed me to just talk about it with DD.  It was a nice way to start the day. 


Next year... I have no idea what to do for Bible.  I'm looking for:

  • Simplicity: no crafts, no huge timeline on the wall... I don't mind a simple activity but knowing us, we won't do it.
  • Nondenominational.
  • Age appropriate.
  • Not a lot of book work (none is better)
  • Something more than the typical Bible stories.  I feel like if we go over creation one more time, she's going to revolt. 
  • Substance.  My DD can handle some substance.  More than I could at her age. 
  • 30 minutes or less...
  • It can't be 180 days of curriculum.  We have co-op and having to stick to a 5 day schedule is difficult for me.

I'm considering just pulling something together on my own, but honestly, I do better with a plan ("Do the next thing" is my favorite kind of plan.)


Does anything like this exist?  I keep searching, and searching.... and searching.  Thanks!


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