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Algebra 2 recommendations for twins

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I am looking for some Algebra 2 recommendations for my 15 yearods who are just finishing up Geometry. We used Lials Elementary for Algebra 1 and while is was o.k., my boys hated math everyday. This year we used Math u See which is too easy......My other issue is one boy is very bright-engineering is probably in his future, where the other is bent more towards the arts and is very creative. Up til now, they have been o.k. using the same book, but I am open to splitting them if need be for Algebra 2.


I am o.k.teaching it, though they would probably prefer a video lesson if one is available. I do not want an online course due to price and other course already online.


I would greatly appreciate any suggestions of what you have used and how it has worked for you.


Thank you,


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