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Next programming language?

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My kids first did some visual-language programming (Scratch, etc.), and are now learning Python. They are nearing the end of the book they are working through, and we are not sure what to have them learn next. I am considering the KidCoder series or JavaScript (probably using Khan Academy), but I can't decide and am not sure what the respective benefits are - or if there's something better I'm missing. They are late elementary/middle school aged, and finding Python somewhat "boring", so a resource that makes it more fun would be ideal. (I think the activities in the book are just not as engaging for them as Super Scratch Programming or the online tutorials for the other visual languages, or of course programming LEGO robots. Understandable, but still, something a little more fun than the Python book would be nice.) Any thoughts on these 2 choices, or any others, would be appreciated.

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