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Heads up on good financial option at Western Michigan University for future applicants.


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WMU has a payment plan, no interest, for parents for their EFC so they don't have to take out parent plus loans. Each semester there is an enrollment fee of $35.00 but no interest if you send them a check each month. If you use a credit card, there is a transaction fee.


For us, though we don't know the numbers from WMU yet, based on the numbers we have received from NMU who is similarly priced, albeit less generous with merit aid it appears, we will save a LOT of money this way. Based on our estimates, we can pay our EFC at WMU by breaking each semester into six payments which is allowed, you just have to enroll early enough to get it amortized over that period. So we can begin paying on the fall bill starting in July, have our portion paid by exam time in December, and start on the winter bill in January. Though not fun to think about making those payments, the reality is we'll be paying one way or another or saddling ds with high interest private loans, and we aren't doing that. Due to his major, he simply can't go to school locally and commute to save money.


We are pretty happy about having this option.


Thought for any of you looking at having a student apply to WMU you'd want to know, and also check out the options amongst the schools on your list. It's possible they also have a payment plan option that you haven't heard about yet.

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