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AAS vs Spelling Power

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We have been using AAS for spelling and my son is currently finishing level 4.  As much as I enjoy the program, my son has expressed to me he finds it a little bit boring and the words are too easy.  He is what I think most would call a "natural speller."  He can see a word and remember its spelling, learn the spelling rule and apply it very easily across the board.  He doesn't care to interact with the tiles in AAS and constantly asks me to find harder words for him to spell than what is offered through AAS, which forces me to go to the internet to find word lists that teach the same skill presented in AAS. I am strongly considering ditching this system for Spelling Power.  I like that it doesn't require that he waste time on words he can spell and it is a "one and done" purchase for spelling (AAS is an expensive curriculum to use if it is not the best fit for us).  The feedback I'm looking for is how does this program approach the spelling rules?  Are they easy to explain/understand?  I like AAS' approach (the explanations are logical and are constantly revisited through the levels); they have really been helpful for both my son and me.  Also, if you have used both, what is your experience with them and which do you prefer?  Lastly, if you have a totally different recommendation that you think would be a good fit altogether especially for natural spellers, please share!

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