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Norton Anthology of World Literature for high school world lit?

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Has anyone used the Norton Anthology of World Literature for high school world lit?


There have been a number of discussions about Great Books literature, including following the WTM, but I haven't seen many or any discussions of using the Norton Anthology of World Literature (previously called Norton Anthology of World Masterpieces). The Norton Anthology, especially the shorter version, seems like a terrific basic text for a lot of the readings.  We developed a reading list, but I don't have a lot of background in non-Western/non-Middle East ancient literature to pick particular works, translations, and provide brief background information for the literature of China, India, etc., but I wanted to provide a more global literature class (ancient in 9th grade).  The Norton Anthology seems to provide all that, so I'm surprised that I don't read more about it here.  Have others used it? How? What was your experience?  


Specifically, we're planning on using previous edition of the Norton Anthology, shorter version, Vol. 1, for the literature of China and India part of our ancient and medieval literature course (only 4 bucks including shipping).  Does anyone have any suggestions to share?  Thanks.



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