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Vocabulary From Classical Roots Book A..Lesson 10?


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We just started this series this year and on the weeks we do it, it's been smooth sailing, albeit a little slow as they digest the info.  


We hit lesson 10 and while I felt they were following the material pretty well, when we got to the Exercise portion, all 3 of us became very confused.  In Exercise 10B you are to indicate which sentence is used *incorrectly*.  We all feel as if in most of the questions, the answer key indicated which ones were used CORRECTLY.  We are VERY confused as to why most of 10B we all got wrong and don't see how the answer key is correct.  


Also, the answer key has TEN answers in Exercise 10B and the student book only has 9 questions.  So I'm wondering if lesson ten is just screwy and we should move on, or if we are just not getting a correct understanding and need to back up and try again.  We have been trying to figure out lesson 10 for 2 weeks now (done 3 times a week).  We've 'tried' again twice already! 


I know this is a very specific question but I'm hoping someone else noticed this and can help?

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