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Polish anyone?

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DH is Polish, and I currently have all 3 kids enrolled in a Saturday program for children learning the language.  I'd love to supplement the older two at least, since I'll be homeschooling them this fall, but am a bit at a loss as to how and what to do...  Both can read and speak in Polish, but their vocabulary is weak.  I'm not a native speaker, but can get by, usually with lots of dropped endings!  


Should I just do vocabulary lists/lessons?  Increase their time listening to songs/movies/books on cd?  Any suggestions?




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Guest Rita Rosenback

Hi Heather


Any additional exposure to Polish is a plus, so listening to songs or audio books or watching movies is ok, but nowhere as effective as two-way communication when it comes to learning the language. To make vocabulary lessons more effective, make sure you use the words in context, not only in lists of words - and make it engaging and fun! 


Here are a few ideas you could use for your vocabulary learning "14 fun activities for a fortnight of word play"


Best of luck!


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I actually own that book - and never thought to use it with the children.  The books that they use through their school are wonderful, and I don't think I'm good enough in the language to take on those books - just was looking to supplement.   They are using these books and my husband (the native Pole) really likes them - especially for Polish children living out of the country:  http://podreczniki.net/klasa3-1.html


Actually - now that I've actually looked up that website, I see they have videos available to preview so I'll take a look at those options as well.


Rita - I like the link you've provided.  I think that is something that could easily be incorporated into a daily routine and even accomplished over meal prep or clean up when my husband is home to assist.  Thank you!

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Hi wrzos1 -- My DH is also Polish, and we are planning a move to Warsaw next year. We have a 4 year old and a 2 year old, so at that point my oldest will be 5. We hope to send him to Polish school in the mornings and keep an (abbreviated) English-based homeschool schedule in the afternoons. The Polish language activities we do now are really rudimentary -- songs, sticking the Usborne Polish flashcards to various objects throughout the house, reading books, Skyping with Babcia, etc. Thanks for the links to the books you posted above. I'll definitely check into those! I am studying Polish via Rosetta Stone any my 4-year-old enjoys doing that with me (some sections he can even do on his own).  I would be really interested to keep in touch and hear about resources/strategies you try!


For Christian families studying Polish at home, I can recommend this Songs for Saplings CD that teaches basic doctrine and Scripture memory (available for free immediate download here: http://store.songsforsaplings.com/collections/digital-downloads/products/polish-odpowiedzi-na-pytania-vol-1-bo-g-i-stworzenie). Songs for Saplings is a US ministry, but they connected with some friends of ours and did a translation of their first album and recording session in Warsaw just last year. This  album (the only one available in Polish) focuses on God and Creation and contains lots of Scripture. We are confessional Presbyterians and the songs are drawn from the Westminster children's catechism, but this would be suitable for anyone coming from a Protestant, Roman Catholic, or Orthodox position.


Rita, the link you shared is wonderful too -- thanks!

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