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Anyone dealing with MS?


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Yesterday I met a young woman who was diagnosed with MS 2 years ago.  I met her because a friend of a friend knew my mother also has MS.  This woman just needed someone to talk to.  Here in India her doctor told her there might be 1000-1500 people with MS TOTAL in the country.  Compare that to US numbers of 250,000-350,000 and you can understand how isolated and alone she is feeling.  On top of it, her doctors also don't have much experience with MS diagnosis and patients.


She has LOTS of questions regarding pregnancy and MS, genetics, etc.  After coming home I went online and found a few websites to direct her to.  She is a very smart woman but I think that she has been in a depression that has prevented her from learning more about this.  Plus the doctors really only told her the worst case scenarios and didn't talk about people (like my mother) who have been living with MS for decades and have a pretty normal life.


If you would be interested in being a resource for this woman, please PM me with your email id and I will put you in touch with her.


Thank you,

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