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Chemistry moms (and dads)

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I'm really enjoying reading the Illustrated Guide to Home Experiments. Thanks to all on here that suggested it. I've figured out where our chem lab area (and biology lab next year) is going to be--and dh is going to construct a table just to fit the area (it already has shelving).


I had an idea in my sleep, of "liquid nailing" (or attaching in a similar fashion), a dog crate liner to the top of the table/workbench. It is black composite plastic, has a textured bottom, and a lip...we use one on the floor in our bunny area to help control her mess a little bit...it looks like this.


I can verify that ammonia etches it (bad bunny!), but that it is rugged.


Being a chem newbie, does this sound a like a good, or bad idea as a working surface?


Thanks for any input.


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