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Calling all spelling experts......

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DD10, DD12, and I were playing Bananagrams today when I noticed something. For those of you who do not know what Bananagrams is, it is a Scrabble-like game in which each person has their own pile of letters to work with (we use 25). The object is to be the first to make a crossword puzzle using all of your letters.


I noticed that DD10 (my natural speller) is making words like prelude, sisters, rubarb, etc. Not extremely complex words, but not very simple, either. DD12, on the other hand, struggles mightily with spelling even though she is an extremely voracious reader. She was forming words such as nut, did, life, etc.


Is this part of her spelling problem? Does she see 26 possible letters in her head and not know how to put them together to form words properly? That is called encoding, correct?


How do I fix this? She has used SWO, Spelling Power, and Apples and Pears with some success, but there must be a better way!


Thank you!!

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