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Advice: how to approach reading lessons to sometimes interested boy (5 in may, using AAR 1)


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I need some advice.


My son just flew through AAR pre-level 1. He LOVED it and begged to do 10 lessons in a day it seemed. We began AAR level 1 this week. My son has sensory processing issues, (he is very energetic and sometimes cannot handle his energy). Most of the time I am good ate gauging his interest and adapting lessons for both my children and their needs, we have lots of fun. I think I pushed my daughter too much though when she was learning how to read... (thankfully she is not too scared, she stayed up late tonight reading) BUT I don't want to do it this time with my son. I really want to set the tone of our schooling relationship. So here is my question:


HOW should I frame the reading lessons!? ASK him if he wants to do them? or MAKE SURE we are doing them almost daily for at least 5 mins?


I am on the fence between saying OK it's time to read and we are doing this daily for 10 minutes (which he gets REALLY resistant fast to things) OR just stopping when he is having fun and keeps wanting more... and do lots and lots of reading and games and other things with him while still giving him reading lessons and review when I can stick it in....?


I like the idea of doing the daily disciplines, but I ALSO like the idea of the later is better approach if there is resistance of any kind... or really waiting for them to really be ready for it, etc...


Every morning we have about 30mins-1 hour of time for just mama and son schooling time where we do lots of different things so that he feels loved and cared for one-on-one before schooling begins with my daughter. also I just wanted to add that AAR level 1's fluency sheets have been the biggest deterrent - and I have already tired lots of tricks :)


thank you for ANY advice. :)

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He's not 5 yet, so in my house, it would still be "when he asks". Next school year when I'd say, "Congratulations! You're a kindergartener!" I'd start requiring 5-10 minutes a day, but keep it light and easy at first, getting him into a routine.


I don't know how AAR works, but for my PreK kid, we do the pages of Phonics Pathways that I know he can do easily, not the big lists of words. My K'er does the lists of words now, but he's in the home stretch of his K year.


When my oldest was in K in school, they spent most of the first semester learning the alphabet sounds and other things that are probably equivalent of AAR pre-level 1. Could you repeat that level and then try level 1 again?


My oldest resisted anything resembling school at age 4, and he took off when I left him alone. He's easy to teach now. Learning during the PreK years just had to be on his terms.

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I would offer a time to work with him everyday but if he's not into it then let it go for that day.


My high energy 6 yr olds balk at the fluency sheets too. We NEVER do the entire thing in one sitting. I have them read one line from each section and a few of the sentences on the back pages. If I see resistance we stop and try again the next day. We are near the end of AAR1, their endurance is building! In the morning we spend 15-20 working on a lesson, in the evening I have them pick a story from Book 1 or 2 to read. As fluency increases complaining decreases!




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Guest mommiss

My 5.5 year old can get through a lesson every day. He also has SPD and is very hyperactive. It is the first thing we do in the morning (after breakfast, tv, and playtime!), and the ONLY thing that I make sure gets done every single day. It really is the only time I can get him to sit and focus for any amount of time!! I think it is because he is so proud, and the lessons really are age approriate. I just love AAR. If he can't get through sitting while I read to him, I save that for nighttime (since we read before bed anyhow!).


All of our other work, e.g. science & math, is so hands on that I don't have to worry about forcing the focusing and sitting..we play games, do experiments, etc.


Do whatever makes you and him comfortable!!

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