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Anyone switch from MM to Singapore?

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We've been using MM along with other supplements. My 7 year old is flying through it and just finished 4A. It isn't challenging him at all though and I think he's getting bored with it. He loves Beast Academy and Life of Fred which he's also doing.


Has anyone made this switch? Are you happy with it? Is Singapore more challenging then MM?



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Yes, I switched from MM to Singapore pretty close to that point (also with a 7 year old at the time ;) ). I went to Singapore 4A after doing the long division section in MM 4B. I'd recommend doing that MM4B section, because Singapore teaches long division in 3A, and you don't need to go THAT far back in Singapore. 3A only does a one-digit divisor. 2-digit divisors are in 5A (MM teaches both in 4B). We ended up skipping some things in Singapore 4A because we'd already covered them in MM. We're a couple units into 5B now (age 8).


My son prefers Singapore because of the presentation. He also didn't need the incremental instruction of MM. Now the workbook is EASY, but IP and CWP are much harder. I'm only using CWP, not IP, this year. We do CWP a few times per week, 2 pages at a time on the white board, together (we're doing CWP5). Basically, we each work on one side of the board, racing to see who gets it correct first. :D I sometimes lose. :tongue_smilie:


Singapore 4A and up have "Practice" sections in the textbook where the child works on separate paper. I really like these, as they have helped ease him into the ability to work out of a textbook. I have no worries about him using a prealgebra textbook next year instead of a workbook. These "Practice" sections are also more difficult than the workbook, though the workbook ease is nice because the child can work completely independently and gain confidence in the material. They're also short enough that even the math-gifted child does not usually get bored to tears (though occasionally I'll assign half the problems of two lessons, or even just have him do 2 full lessons if they're super short).


Definitely use IP and/or CWP to add more challenge back in there. Singapore TB/WB by themselves are good, but not super duper challenging.

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