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My daughter is using Excellence in Literature (intro to lit) this year and while it is a great program with well thought out assignments, she is finding it hard to actually follow the writing assignments well since there is not a whole lot of explanation on how to do the papers or many examples on what a great paper should include or look like. For me to grade them, I am also finding it hard to be able to tell what should be included in each paper and what the difference should be for a great paper compared to an average paper.


So, my question is, has anyone found a helpful way to rectify these problems for both the parent and student? Are there writing mentors out there that know the program that can work with the student on these papers when they need help or explanation or to give evaluation help on these papers while using this program?


Second, has anyone found any comparable online literature/writing classes (for an 8th grader) that would be challenging and that has a teacher that students can contact for help with things they are not getting or advise on how they can make their papers better?


I would like to stick with Excellence in Literature if we can find more help for both of us, but if not, I have to look at what would be best for her to actually learn the most from and would make the switch to something online if the program even accepts mid-year start ups.


Thanks for your help!

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