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LA for Creative First Grade Boy?

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Hi ladies,


I am placing an order for a few things at Rainbow and am slightly considering changing up our LA. Right now our LA is CTGE which I do like. It gets the job done and was certainly cheap! We also use Language Lessons for LIttle Ones VOlume 3 which is too easy but a nice intro to CM LA for my son. The next volume of Queen's is not exactly what I'm looking for.


I am currently using the SchoolAid CTGE for some phonics, handwriting, and all first grade LA skills.


However it has a TON of busywork and I would perhaps like to ignite at least a little more of a fire in this area for my son, and focus on doing nicer handwriting, even if he doesn't do a lot of it. My son has a great attitude, but I would like something that draws him out a bit more.


I don't like Handwriting books- they bore me and frustrate me, when my son's handwriting doesn't match the model exactly. But I'm not just looking for Copywork either.


He is extremely creative. Everything is a story to him, and something with fun things to do and discuss would be his dream. He doesn't mind school as long as it's not rushed and he gets to take his time and work through something, or make something...


He made up "Period Man" for punctuation and drew Period Man and told me all about how Period Man has to follow a sentence, and his friend is Question Mark Man but they don't get along so they don't come together...


I would like more variety. I'm not so concerned about drill, although I do want him to have enough handwriting practice.


I think I'm really jipping (sp?)him in this area, and I would like to enjoy this aspect with him more.



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This may not be what you're looking for but you could try:


  • Learning Language Arts through Literature
  • I believe there is a handwriting program called "Draw Write Now" that uses pictures and highly creative things for handwriting practice. I've heard good things about it.
  • Five in a Row has lots of fabulous literature and some fun projects to go along with it.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

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:iagree: I would certainly look at Draw Write Now. They have a picture with instructions on how to draw it, then a little narration or description of the picture to practice handwriting with. You could either use their sentences or simply make up a story about the picture with the emphasis on neat handwriting. HTH

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I don't think you need a LA curriculum for a creative first grader. Have him copy sentences from his favorite, creative books. Let him illustrate the sentences he likes best as he chooses. Do lots of narration and story telling. Read and explore.


If you have a phonics program, that's all you really need. If you like a handwriting program, Educational Fonts will let you choose your own copywork from your son's favorite books.


Just my take.

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