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Need Advice on Creating Content for an Online Animation Library

Guest Jon_Huhn

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Guest Jon_Huhn



I need advice on the viability of a business idea I have. We had to stop homeschooling our kids at a young age because my wife's failing health couldn't sustain the rigors, so any insight you experienced members have would be greatly appreciated!


I'm a medical 3D animator, and I'm researching the possibility of creating broadcast-quality 3D animations of the human body for use as supplemental teaching material in biology and health curricula. My idea is that for a small fee (maybe $5 a month, or $40 a year), families would have access to a library of high-quality 3D animations showing how the major systems of the body work, what various health problems look like, etc.


So my questions to you all are these:


1) Assuming the work was high-quality and informative, would this be useful to many homeschool families?

2) Are you currently using something similar to this, either online are on DVD?

3) How much content needs to be created before the site would be worth-while subscribing to?

4) Is the pricing appropriate?


Thanks to all who contribiute to my research. I wll be asking this on several other homeschool fourms as well, since I'm trying to gather a consensus of oppinions.

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