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Sonlight Core D+E and Science E


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My boys are 8.5 and 10. Is this Core accessible for my younger son? He's a smidge young according to he recommended ages on SL's website.


A few specific questions about the books used:


Would I need two copies of the Story of the USA books? Do we write in them? It says they are consumable.


What are the Tips and Tricks CDs like?


Any reviews on the Starting Strong devotional? I can't find a sample anywhere and I am leery about devotionals :001_smile:.


Is there a rhyme and reason to the scheduled Bible reading or is it random?


Science E looks about perfect for my boys. Any reviews? We have used and liked SL in the past. It is a great combination of reading, talking, watching, and doing for us.

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I would recommend separate Core D and E rather than the combined core. I'm doing core D with my 8 year old, and it's been a perfect fit for him. Some 8 year olds get lost in the Landmark book, but it hasn't been a problem for us. My son loves it.


You don't have to write in those workbooks. I do them orally.


My friend is doing D+E with her 10 year old, and it's fine level wise, but it feels rushed to them, I think. She still has time to add in books from the separate cores, so it's not too much reading - just goes fast through the material.


You can still do science E with core D, as the science doesn't tie into the main cores.

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